"Why is that I live with idiots, I mean, GOOD FRIENDS!"
―Brambleclaw, talking about his Clanmates.

Brambleclaw is a tom that happens to think everyone's an idiot and that he is the best damn kitteh to walk the earth. He is also Squirrelflight's mate, who he just pretends to love.

History Edit

In the Original Series Edit

"Stupid kitty robot! I will pwn you!"
―Bramblekit yelling at Fireheart while the warrior is shooting lazas at him
Brambleclaw is first seen in Forest of Secrets as a young kit that pwns all the other kits. Everyone is surprised that Tigerclaw is not trying to steal Bramblekit and Tawnykit away from their mother, Goldenflower, to make them into a soufle; it is later learned that Tigerclaw is their father. Fireheart's robot brain processes Bramblekit as a miniture Tigerclaw, so Fireheart starts shooting lazas at him on a regular basis while Goldenflower stalks him.

"Ha ha, kitty robot got rewired!"
―Fireheart being taunted by Bramblekit
Goldenflower the mechanic is able to rewire Fireheart's brain so he no longer sees Bramblekit as a threat. Later, when there was a fire in ThunderClan's camp, Fireheart saves him from being severely pwned by a tiny tree

"Blek! Other kittehs taste disgusting!"
―Bramblekit and Tawnykit's reaction to Tigerstar's feast
Darkstripe took Bramblekit and Tawnykit to a cannibal feast hosted by--you guessed it--their father, Tiggystar!
Fireheart uses his mind powers to get Bluestar to make Bramblepaw Fireheart's apprentice, as Fireheart, thanks to Goldenflower's rewiring, sees him as the UBER-Apprentice. Fireheart doesn't think as highly of Bramblepaw when he is almost run over by a monster in his own territory. He and his sister are told by Fireheart and Brackenfur that their father is an evil cannibal. Bramblepaw takes it harder than his sister, yelling at Fireheart that he wished that all the cats in ThunderClan could be rewired to like him.

"Oh great, he's going through puberty."
―Firestar complaining about his apprentice
Bramblepaw, full of teenage rebellion, tracks Firestar to the robot factory where he was created. Bramblepaw asks Firestar if he misses it, which Firestar replies by saying, "No way, noob! I love being the boss of regular kittehs!" As they walk back to the camp together, it begins to snow and Bramblepaw pwning snowflakes, which causes Firestar to believe truly that Bramblepaw is not like his father--Tigerstar would only pwn cats and would never dream of pwning snow. His sister Tawnypaw leaves ThunderClan to work as a cook for Tigerstar.
Bramblepaw fought with LionClan against BloodClan in the Great Barbecue Battle. He and several other rebellious teenage apprentices (among them Tawnypaw, Featherpaw, Stormpaw, and Ashpaw) pwn the BloodClan deputy and head cook Bone after he kills Whitestorm.

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