Leopardfoot is a hot black she-cat who loves teasing younger cats.

She mated with Pinestar, who, is, like, a thousand moons older than her. He was leader when Leopardfoot was a little kit.

Pinestar left ThunderClan to become a kittypet, AKA fat cat, soon after he and Leopardfoot's kits, Tigerkit, Nightkit and Mistkit, were born. This was probably what led to Tigerkit (Tigerclaw) being such a kittypet-hating bitch(although he has countless righs to hate kittypets like weak little Firestar). And, to add to his terrible attitude, Tigerclaw's mentor was horrible Thistleclaw.

Leopardfoot and Pinestar's two daughters, Nightkit and Mistkit, died soon after birth, leaving their bitchy brother Tiggykit to become Tiggystar the serial killer.