I'm going to pw'n all those stupid ThunderClan kittehs.....especially their super-old, dumb, over-generous, kittypet-born "leader"....

-Mudclaw planning to kill ThunderClan

Mudclaw is an over-religous, evil tom who loves to rape cats. He wanted to pw'n all the Clans, especially ThunderClan, WindClan, Tallstar and Firestar.

When the little bastard got to appear on paperEdit

Sometime during the Original SeriesEdit

While Bluedrunk and Firekittyrobot were travelling to the Moonstone minding their own fucking business, Mudclaw ran up and stopped them with his somehow intimidating WindClan patrol, and accused the ThunderClan kitties of drinking Brokentail's special vodka he carries 1000000000000 bottles of everywhere he goes in his insanely long fur. Bluestar and Fireheart are furious at this accusation, and Fireheart, being a kitty robot and all, tries to shoot lazers at the bitchy tom, but they don't work because Bluedrunk secretly fed him 300 bottles of her booze in his sleep. Fireheart is now powerless, and Bluedrunk chickens out and takes Fireheart back home without talking to StarClan.