"Man, stop polluting the world, it's beauty....and radical...."
―Oakheart, being his damned hippie self.

Oakheart is the father of Bluestar's kits and he is a supper hippie of RiverClan. He often complains about ThunderClan, WindClan and ShadowClan polluting the world.

He likes trying to kill other cats so there is less pollution. But he also likes harrassing twolegs by scratching their money makers. He slept with Bluefur and took her kits to Graypool so she would stop bitching about her kit's deaths. When Crookedstar saw her kits he said "Its a gift from starclan!" But he was to stupid to know that those kits looked a LOT like Bluefur. If you listen closely you can hear Oakheart laughing. Graypool was finally doing something other than bitching about her kits. That made us all happy. The reason Oakheart raped Bluefur is because he like vodka, too.

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