"Yo,yo,yo, Clan! I'm gonna live with twolegs now, so PEACE OUT! Ya heard me, pick a new leader, kittehs!"
―Pinestar, breaking the news to ThunderClan that he was going off to be a fat cat.

Pinestar is a reddish-brown tom with green eyes who left his wonderfully insane Clan to become a fat, lazy, dumb kittypet. He left his mate behind in the process, actually, what the kids don't know is that she dumped him for a manly tom. His name was Jake. At first Jake payed him, and then they just started doing it naturally. The he and Jake left their twolegs to "be together." He also has a deadly fear of the Twoleg drink called Coke Zero. When his twolegs forced him to drink it, he fell in love with another tom. That's what Coke Zero does to you. Makes you turn into Pinestar. He also probably left because he didn't want to be in a clan with drinkers, drug attics, and murderers. His son was that cannibal tiggiestar or whatever.

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