"Crookedkit, you are the most ugliest, grossest, most disturbing cat I've ever met! Oakkit will always be better than you no matter what."

-Rainflower to ugly ol' Crookedkit

Rainflower is a bitchy slutty little silver witch who was once in love with her own son, Stormkit. But after he broke his jaw in the accident, she was turned off and started loving Oakkit (when she was already mates with Shellheart).

Rainflower is usually high on whatever drugs she can find: pot, meth, mushrooms, anything. She is always drunk, and when she isn't, she's high. All these drugs and drinks make her think she's the stem of a lilypad. Dumbass....

Rainflower was such a horrible mother. She cared nothing about her children and even lost her firm little mate. Nobody seems to care about this bitch, and she never gave Crookedstar a compliment ever after he broke his jaw.

When Rainflower died, Crookedjaw finally said how horrible a mother she was and how happy he was the she was finally dead. She had no guilt, and her last words were: "GFY bitch."