Current: StarClan
Past: RiverClan


Stormfur, Feathertail


Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Unknown

"Graystripe, I love you. Kill that bitch Tiggyclaw for me!"
―Silverstream's last words.

Silverstream is a pretty little silver she-cat.

Her dad is that broken-jawed idiot. You know the one.

Her mom is another tiny she-cat who no one knows or cares about.

One day, Silverstream was walking across RiverClan's shiny territory (it's made of diamonds, look it up) when she saw three ThunderClan cats on her territory and was all like "OMG those muthafuckers are gonna die for crossing the border!" and ran over, but then she saw a fluffy, sexy-looking gray head of another ThunderClan cat bobbing above the inky river, and she splashed in, saving him just so she could try to have kits with him underwater, but the current was too strong, and she just dragged him onto the riverbank. She was then all cranky because it was too darn icy in the water for the very dirty-furred idiot to get Silverstream pregnant, so she was all like "Yo bitches get off ma territory!" Fireheart, one of the group of trespassers, was super scared of Silverstream because he was really just a eye-lazer-shooting kittypet, and hurried home.

Soon, Firepoop followed Graystripe, the kitteh who had almost drowned, back into RiverClan territory and saw Gaystrip making out with Silverstream near Sunningrocks. They mated repeatedly, until Fireheart quit his fapping session and broke them up, because he was so jealous that Silverstream had chosen Gaystrip as her mate instead of himself.

The stupid ginger cat led his friend back into ThunderClan territory, and had a pointless arguement with Graystripe near camp, but Fireheart eventually gave up, because he suddenly felt bad for annoying Graystripe when he had wanted to have sex with the RiverClan she-cat even more.

Later, Silver dies having Graystripe's kits, Feathertail and Stormfur.