SkyClan is like the worst Clan. And that is true. And they jump up and downs like kangaroos. When they jump up and down thay can super kick you and it flings you back. They were the first Clan to use TV's and they nomally watched random shit. There's even more filthy mixed bloods then ThunderClan except less sluts.

Jumping-cats22 (1)

They are so pathetic that they allowed the other 4 Clans to drive them from the Forest Territories. Many years later the kittypet prick Firestar went to some random gorge and rounded up a bunch of rogues and kittypets that could jump because that definitely means they're descendants from the original SkyClan. The new SkyClan, or SkyClan 2.0 as Firekittyrobot likes to call them, are also all wimpy whores except this time they have weirdass names because of their drug addict leader, Leafstar, whom Firestar only chose because she was hot.