ThunderClan was the best Clan in the forest. This is a freaking fact. Also, they could shoot la-zahs from their eyes. They had needles instead of claws, and were the first clan to ever discover the iPod. They would usually listen to Frontline by Pillar, just for the fact that.....hey it described the little bastards!

ThunderClan Cats


Despite the la-zahs, the needles, and the iPods, ThunderClan was hated. First they were allys by the epic failure of a clan called WindClan, but then WindClan decided to hate ThunderClan because their new leader Onestar had became a self absorbed bastard and cared about no one but evil, gun bearing ducks. Firestar, the first ever kittypet to lead ThunderClan, got pissed off and went all bitchslappy on Onestar. He got it from his sister Princess, at least that's what the rumors say.

So basically ThunderClan is a clan of la-zah shooting, needle-clawed, iPod loving, Twilight hating, dirty half bloods that care about no one but themselves. They are all semi retarded bastards, even their leader. Their deputy is kinda loopy and is always drunk. Their medicine cat is always some slut that can't live without sex, and their medicine cat apprentice is either blind, crippled, or is mental and doesn't want to be a warrior because they get freaked out when they have one itty bitty tiny scratch on their tailtip. Their warriors are all crazy loops and never do their work cuz they listen to iPods all day. Their apprentices are classified into two groups: "Murderers and Little Stupid Angels." All queens are sluts, especially Ferncloud, who always gets knocked up. All the kits are destined for failure, even kits related to Firestar, that kittypet snogging retard. And all the elders just stay alive to play video games and throw darts at apprentices and mating medicine cats.

And that's ThunderClan, the Clan of the retards and the snobby snogging cats. And they have lots of whores. Especially Ferncloud. And they have Mary-sues and Gary-stus.

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