"Uh, germs.....coming to get me...."
―Willowpelt having a nervous breakdown
Current: ThunderClan
Past: None
' To much family to list
Mentor(s): Apparently none!
Apprentice(s): None

Willowpelt is normally a nice, sweet cat, which is why Whitestorm chose her as his mate. However, she is mysophobic (afraid of germs), so she has not been accepted into the Nite Owls yet. She likes it when Whitestorm builds a moss barrior around her so she can keep herself and her kits germs free. But when she trys to hunt she drops the prey right away because they are "germ filled." When Whitestorm wants to cuddle with her, she must lick him "clean" and then she lets him inside her moss barrior. When she goes to battle she only bites or sratches them when her teeth or claws and filled with moss so the "germs don't go inside me..." She dies with a filthy badger killing her. When she's then in StarClan she doesn't stop licking herself "clean" until Whitestorm peels her tounge off of her butt. She also uses the hygienic attack. It work like this: She jump up, gets Dettol (antibacterial spray) and sprays enemy cats with it. They are so clean they get insane from it. Unfortunately, Willownogermy (her nick) found out too late that it doesn´t work on badgers.

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