WindClan is a clan of cats who can run really fast. While they're fast, they're very weak and often call upon sex robots to help them while they try to kill and/or fuck some bitches. They flee a lot and when they do, they come back and try to kill them but soon they loose and they're seen fleeing across the battle field. They are total wimps and everyone knows it except them. I mean seriously, Brokentail and his bunch of stinky rapper cats chased them off their own territory once, and Fireheart and his little friend had to go rescue them. Windclan did pretty well even though they're fucking cowards, until Onestar. Since he was an egotistical little shit, Windclan went into ruins. It was divided between fucked up dark forest cats, and hippies who made conspiracy theories. They tried to attack the Thundercu---clan cats, and got their asses royally beat. Then all of them started training in the dark forest to become cool kids, and got their asses royally beat again. They got so angry that they drowned some poor kid named Darktail that killed like fifty seven people. The end.

WindClan Cat


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